Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125

The Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre review data from 111 tyre reviews averaging 82% over 1,056,200 miles driven, and 33 tests with an average result of 5th.

Dry Grip 89%
Wet Grip 81%
Road Feedback 80%
Handling 79%
Wear 80%
Comfort 80%
Buy again 81%

First On MarketMay 2021
Wheel Size15 - 20"
Width185 - 245mm
Profile40 - 65
Rolling ResistanceA - D
Wet GripA - C
Noise (dB)66 - 72
Winter RatingNot Winter Rated

The Ventus Prime 3 K125 is ranked 34th of 149 Summer Premium Touring tyres.

This tyre replaced the Hankook Ventus Prime2 and this tyre has been replaced by the Hankook Ventus Prime 4.

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Latest Tyre Test Results

2022 ADAC 16" SUV Summer Tyre Test
8th of 18 tyres
  • Good in the dry, low wear.
  • Weakness in wet handling.
  • Overall, the Hankook ventus Prime 3 K125 does not get more than a satisfactory rating. Although it can still achieve a good result in the dry thanks to its braking distance, it shows slight weaknesses on wet roads. However, its wear behavior is convincing, for which it receives a very good rating. In the sum of its properties, the tire is classified as recommendable.
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2021 ADAC Summer Tyre Test - 205/55 R16
7th of 15 tyres
  • Very good in the dry, relatively low fuel consumption.
  • Average wet performance.
  • The Hankook Ventus Prime3 is a dry specialist, up there with the best in dry braking and good levels of control and grip in dry handling. In contrast, the Hankook is average in the wet, finishing midpack. Low noise and low fuel consumption.
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15 inch
195/65R15 91 VCB71
195/65R15 91 HCB71
195/65R15 91 HCB71
195/65R15 91 HCB71
195/65R15 91 VCB71
195/65R15 91 VCB71
195/65R15 91 VCB71
195/55R15 89 V XLCA72
195/55R15 89 V XLCA72
195/55R15 85 VCB71
195/55R15 85 VCB71
185/65R15 92 V XLBA71
195/55R15 85 HCA71
195/55R15 85 VCB71
195/55R15 85 VCA71
195/55R15 85 HCA71
16 inch
205/60R16 96 H XLCA72
205/60R16 96 H XLAA67
205/60R16 96 W XLCA72
205/60R16 96 V XLCA72
215/60R16 95 VCA69
215/60R16 99 H XLCA72
215/60R16 99 H XLCA72
215/60R16 99 V XLCA72
205/60R16 92 VBB70
205/60R16 92 VCA71
205/60R16 92 HBA70
205/55R16 91 HCB71
205/60R16 92 HAB71
205/55R16 91 HCB71
205/55R16 91 HCB71
205/55R16 91 VCA71
205/55R16 94 W XLCA72
205/55R16 91 VCA71
205/60R16 92 HBA70
205/60R16 92 HCA71
205/60R16 92 HBB66
205/55R16 94 W XLCA72
205/55R16 94 V XLCA72
205/55R16 94 H XLCA72
205/55R16 94 H XLAB71
205/55R16 91 WCB71
205/55R16 91 WBA70
205/55R16 91 VCA71
17 inch
225/45R17 94 V XLCA72
225/50R17 98 W XLCA72
225/45R17 94 W XLCA72
225/45R17 94 W XLCA72
225/50R17 94 WCA71
225/50R17 94 WCA71
225/50R17 98 V XLCA72
225/50R17 98 W XLCA72
225/60R17 99 VCB71
225/45R17 91 WCB71
225/45R17 91 YCA71
215/55R17 94 VAB69
215/45R17 91 W XLCB72
205/50R17 93 W XLCB72
215/45R17 91 V XLBB71
215/45R17 91 V XLCA72
215/45R17 91 W XLCB72
215/55R17 94 VCA69
215/55R17 94 VBB71
215/55R17 94 VAB69
215/55R17 94 VAB69
215/55R17 94 WCB71
18 inch
245/45R18 96 WBB71
245/45R18 96 WCB71
245/40R18 97 Y XLCA72
225/40R18 92 W XLCA72
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Questions and Answers for the Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125

2016-06-19 - Would these tyres (in 195/55 R16) be a good replacement for the Continental Premium Contact 2 SSR runflats that came with my MINI Cooper Clubman? I would prefer non-runflats. Thank you

The Hankook Ventus Prime3 is a very well rated tyre, and would be a fine replacement for the OE runflat Continentals. You should notice improved comfort, lower fuel use, improved wet grip and less noise, but ensure you have a plan to deal with a deflated tyre as you won't have a spare.

2016-10-07 - I live in Greece and I own a Kia Cee'd (2007). I'm going to replace the 3,5 years old tyres (Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance) but I don't know which ones are better for my car; The Hankook Ventus Prime 3 or the Michelin CrossClimate? I know that the Michelin are more expensive but I'd like to feel safe at all road conditions. Do the Hankooks ensure my driving security at a sudden snowfall? Thank you.

Only the Michelin CrossClimate tyres will work safely in snow and ice. The Goodyear and Hankook tyres are both summer tyres and as such will have very little snow and ice performance.

2018-12-25 - I have a Cayman 2.9 and am looking to run a squared setup of 245/40/18, would these be a good tyre for track and street work on a car with 265hp, or would you recommend another tyre like ps4? Also, would you recommend a square setup that low on the car, as the standard setup for a 18" cayman is 235/40/18 front and 265/40/18 rear.

Sadly I've not used the Prime3 on track, or do I know anything about changing tyre sizes on a Cayman! Perhaps check out an owners club online to see if others have made this change.

2019-08-24 - I have now 4 Michelin primacy 3 tyres on my Opel/Vauxhall Astra K 1.0. What do you recommend for a 1 pair change: Ventus prime 3 of Efficient Grip Performance? Or maybe an s1 evo 3 or a Eagle F1 assymetric 5 pair? I will start with 1 pair change beacause the profile of the other pair is still good. Thanks

The Ventus Prime 3 and Efficient Grip Performance are a more natural match for the Primacy 3, however if you want to switch to a more sporty tyre that's ok as long as it's done in pairs.

2019-10-05 - If you can choose between the Hankook Ventus Prime 3 or the Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance, what would you choose for a dynamic (but not speeding) drivestyle?

I'm afraid I've not driven the two back to back, so I'd be shooting in the dark. Some of the tests on the site should comment on the subjective handling of each tyre.

2023-04-07 - Which would be a better choice for my compact Mitsubishi Lancer sedan, the Hankook ventus prime 3 or the Kumho Ecsta ps31? I am looking for a comfortable tire with low noise and good breaking distance.

The Hankook is a touring (comfort bias) tyre and the Kumho is a high performance model, so if comfort and noise are a priority I would go with the Hankook.

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195/65 R15 £61.99 - £74.80 (5 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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225/45 R17 £92.99 - £92.99 (1 Prices) Compare Prices >>
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Top 3 Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 Reviews

Given 77% while driving a Ford Ford Focus MK2 1.8 TDCi (205/55 R16 V) on a combination of roads for 4,000 spirited miles
Have been driving Hankook Ventus Prime 3 on all four corners for more than 4 000 miles now and I suppose I can say a couple of things about them. Got them new ,replacing Michelin Primacy 3 which were already with 30 000 miles under thei belt and were showing signs of wear and slipping while breaking on wet.
Internet advertising on the part of the seller was what brought me onto Hankook. Mainly their price. It was 52 euros per tire.Hawing a previously bad experience with an expensive winter Continental TS 850 I decided to try the budget end of the spectrum.
I was not wrong. It is a good tire allround. Bearing in mind that a 4000 miles is not a long mileage to be assertive in claiming something . The wear of the tires is even on all tires and it is not significant , just as you would expect for more than 4 000 miles .
The only thing tha is obvious and you can hear it now is NOISE. It started being noticeable just after 2500k but it si becoming an issue.If you are used to less noise on a good street,you start to notice it regularly. Thusfar it is the only negative thing to report about the Hankook Ventus Prime 3.
I will update this review as the miles go on and I have more on the quality of the tires. tires
Helpful 646 - tyre reviewed on September 12, 2016
Given 74% while driving a Ford Fiesta mk7 (195/50 R15) on mostly town for 10,000 average miles
All around good tire. Had them for two summer seasons on Ford Fiesta. On wet, depending on asphalt surface it can struggle for grip at take off, slippage occurs...
Helpful 170 - tyre reviewed on November 11, 2019
Given 87% while driving a Mercedes Benz C180 (205/55 R16 T) on a combination of roads for 16,000 average miles
First time buying and using Hankook tires, I was initially very doubtful but I listened to the tire-dealers advice who strongly recommended these tires above anything els including so-called premium brands.
I have nothing bad to say about these tires, it's very good tires in both wet and dry, always good grip and braking both wet and dry, very good and safe handling, good and controllable feel, very good direction stability, good comfort and low noise-level.
These Hankook tires can match any premium brand and in my opinion they are better, very satisfied with these tires.
The only downside is the wear rate which is average at the best, they did not last very long, unfortunately a very typical problem with modern tires these days.
Although this is the only car I have driven with these Hankook tires, I think I can strongly recommend them except if wear is the most important issue.
Their performance lasted until the very last mm of tread, actually until somebody decided to shred all four tires on a public parking lot........fortunately.....(suspiciously?)..... there was a tire dealer next to this parking lot and he sold me some Michelin Primacy 4 tires which I have made another review about.
Helpful 116 - tyre reviewed on November 23, 2018
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Latest Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 Reviews

Given 83% while driving a Hyundai Tucson (215/65 R17) on a combination of roads for 218,000 average miles
I find these tyres to be very comfortable, which is why I got them. I drive 200km to work, five days a week and I can’t find anything wrong with them so far. I’ve driven approximately 35000km since I bought this set and it has hardly worn at all and they have never disappointed
Helpful 0 - tyre reviewed on May 15, 2024
Given 81% while driving a Volkswagen Polo 6R 1.6 Tdi Bluemotion (195/55 R15) on a combination of roads for 10,000 spirited miles
Been fitted on my Polo for more than a year now. The grip on dry road is exceptional, way more than I was used to with my old Goodyear efficient grip perf. even when these were new. The car is planted and stable at cornering and aggressive inputs to the steering wheel. Dry braking is also very good. I've pushed these tyres hard on twisty mountain roads and I can tell you these are very good performers.

In the rain they perform well and with no surprise. No aquaplanning noted but always driving safely when wet.

Wear seems a bit much, they appear to be at 75% life remaining after one year and 15000Km. This was to be expected from the good dry grip. You lose some you win some.

I'd buy again for the price and performance but I hope the new pattern will be available on my size when I change these.
Helpful 1 - tyre reviewed on April 9, 2024
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Given 96% while driving a Volkswagen Passat B5.5 1.9 TDi 130bhp highline (205/55 R16) on mostly town for 10,000 average miles
One of the best tyres i have driven. Very good handeling and grip on all surfaces. Braking with this tyres is outstanding. I drive them for 3 seasons and they still got it.
Helpful 17 - tyre reviewed on November 4, 2023
Given 87% while driving a Mazda CX 3 (215/55 R18) on a combination of roads for 22,000 spirited miles
Purchased a front set on my mazda cx-3 about 2 years ago, have done 22,000 miles and still on 3.5 mm and cant feel any difference in quality. Driven over a mix of motorway. Country and city roads. Would definitely purchase again as was only £35 per tyre more then budgets and lasted twice as long
Helpful 19 - tyre reviewed on August 22, 2023
Given 88% while driving a Hyundai Tucson (215/65 R17) on mostly country roads for 3,500 average miles
Have driven about 5000km on them so far and I like the way it handles and the level of comfort. It’s rather soft tyre, maybe having a wide sidewall reinforce that feeling, but it gives a feeling of control that suits me well
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on July 31, 2023
Given 80% while driving a Opel Insignia B (225/55 R17) on a combination of roads for 500 average miles
A lot if road feedback and they got deformed in approx.. 4 years of use, resulting in a vibration in the steering wheel.
Helpful 21 - tyre reviewed on May 29, 2023
Given 56% while driving a Volkswagen Sharan 1.9TDi (205/55 R16) on mostly country roads for 15,000 average miles
Bought these Hankook ventus prime 3 XL 94 rated tyres new, dew to the big size of the Sharan we often were fully packet, 5-6 people + luggage. Because of the high kerb weight the tires did not last very long, couldn't handle the load, especially the front tires. They wore incredibly fast, after 10,000 miles on average the thread depths were 3-3.5mm , after 15,000miles it was even worse, so ended up buying some new Continentals, hopefully they hold up better.
Helpful 25 - tyre reviewed on May 5, 2023
Given 87% while driving a Volkswagen T Cross (205/55 R17) on mostly motorways for 19 spirited miles
Safe tyres that get me safely everywhere I go. I've driven them in hot weather, heavy rain,.. always with trust. They are not sporty but if you don't have a sporty car, it doesn't matter at all. The Hankooks are also very economic and the wear is really good. +30k km's and still enough thread to go.
Helpful 23 - tyre reviewed on March 12, 2023
Given 80% while driving a Ford Fiesta (195/45 R16) on mostly country roads for 17,000 average miles
The performance of these tyres was better than expected and were purchased in late November 2021. They hold the road well in most conditions when the air temperature is above freezing. In terms of handling, we haven't experienced any issues. I have just replaced the front tyres as they were reaching end of life. The rear tyres are still going strong. Approximately 17000 road miles, I'm not unimpressed!
Helpful 20 - tyre reviewed on January 26, 2023
Given 74% while driving a Toyota Corolla (195/50 R15) on a combination of roads for 12,000 spirited miles
I've got these tyres second hand from a good friend with 6 mm, so almost new. Changed the wheels several times from front to back, during the lifespan. Now they are on 2.5mm at the front and 3.2mm at the back. The grip in dry is still very good. But in the wets you notice when they become under 3.5mm you will get aquaplaning above 70 miles an hour. So something to keep in mind when wet, corner stability in wet is "ok" but now worn out, can be sketchy pretty quick. For comparison the Vredestein sportrack 3 had way more reserves in wet conditions. Summary for the amount of money these tyres normally costs they're pretty good.
Helpful 24 - tyre reviewed on November 19, 2022
Given 87% while driving a BMW X3m (225/45 R19) on mostly town for 0 average miles
Just had a full set fitted to my 2016 BMW X3 f25 3.0d m sport. This car has had a few tweaks and is now putting out 321 bhp and equally increase in torque (on the rolling road at the wheels so need a good tyres) had had Goodyear Dunlop and Pirelli’s before all good makes but all suffered tramlining. So for these seem a lot better just need to see how they wear as tread depth seem so to be less than 8mm as new. Normally get 10k (miles) from a set.The ride is very smooth taking them on the motorway soon so will see how they perform their.
Helpful 24 - tyre reviewed on November 8, 2022
Given 90% while driving a Ford Focus MK1 (195/60 R15) on a combination of roads for 15,000 spirited miles
I've got the Hankooks after having the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance. Very Good tire overall on all surfaces and nice feedback. The only negative is that after some sporty driving overheats a bit, but i guess that this is not very important on this category.
Helpful 30 - tyre reviewed on October 5, 2022