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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Pirelli Sottozero Serie II (26) 85% 88% 90% 82% 82% 88%
Barum Bravuris 3HM (65) 88% 84% 82% 81% 87% 84%
Michelin Primacy 4 (102) 86% 83% 77% 78% 85% 86%
Avon Ice Touring ST (40) 81% 86% 74% 72% 82% 81%
Uniroyal RainExpert 3 (32) 83% 93% 77% 74% 64% 81%
Barum Bravuris 2 (127) 85% 78% 79% 71% 75% 80%
Avon ZV5 (111) 84% 79% 78% 78% 72% 78%
Avon ZV7 (93) 86% 82% 75% 73% 71% 82%
Dunlop Sport BluResponse (172) 88% 85% 80% 76% 61% 83%
Maxxis MA Z1 Victra (64) 88% 77% 73% 77% 71% 66%
Pirelli P6000 Powergy (11) 83% 67% 71% 75% 85% 70%
Nexen N8000 (78) 79% 74% 68% 66% 68% 79%
Goodyear OptiGrip (16) 74% 83% 66% 71% 71% 66%
Jinyu YU61 (46) 80% 65% 68% 63% 73% 75%
Firestone Firehawk SZ90 (24) 77% 69% 75% 71% 71% 61%
Cooper Zeon 2XS (15) 69% 52% 56% 46% 58% 63%
Federal SS595 SUPER STEEL (132) 70% 47% 57% 55% 69% 48%
Accelera Alpha (128) 65% 44% 53% 49% 69% 57%
Pirelli P6000 (172) 66% 47% 55% 48% 67% 61%
Marangoni Verso (38) 69% 48% 55% 47% 49% 54%
Rotalla F105 (27) 65% 32% 46% 41% 58% 59%
Event WL905 (127) 59% 30% 42% 39% 60% 49%
Infinity INF 05 (68) 56% 31% 42% 39% 62% 45%
Nankang Eco 2 (4) 58% 53% 50% 35% 23% 53%
Autogrip F107 (126) 57% 27% 44% 36% 60% 50%
Wanli S1088 (85) 57% 35% 41% 39% 59% 38%

Rover 75 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Barum Bravuris 3HM given 89% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2018-11-19 17:56:37
Writing about the Avon ZV7 given 81% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 16000 average miles
Would have lasted 20k miles were it not for a pot hole paid £240 fitted at Halfords. Quiet, good feed back, great in the cold and wet plus cornering was excellent. Replaced with Michelin PS4, I think I should have stayed with the Avons!
tyre reviewed on 2018-10-13 20:30:56
Writing about the Michelin Primacy 4 given 72% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 500 average miles
Replaced the Avon ZV7 225/45/17 on my Rover 75 CDTi. No sports car I know but I like the ride vs handling balance the car provides. I have only cover 500 miles, so early days. The Avon was a more positive drive giving away very little in any other way. Given the Michelin is almost 50% more expensive it has a lot of ground to make up over the remaining life to convince me not to return to the Avon
tyre reviewed on 2018-10-13 20:18:42
Writing about the Dunlop Sport BluResponse given 86% (205-65-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 15 average miles
Certainly the quietest tyre I've ever had fitted. Wet grip not as good as a 'premium' tyre (I tag Blue Response as a mid range) but not dreadful either, dry grip is as good as any I've used. Regarding wear I'd rate them 80% as good as a Michelin. So overall, a good buy, they tick many of the desired boxes, Driving a Rover 75 which has a quiet cabin, the Dunlop Blue Response really compliments that feature.
tyre reviewed on 2018-02-07 19:39:41
Writing about the Uniroyal RainExpert 3 given 90% (195-65-15-H)
Driving on mostly motorways for 0 average miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2017-06-11 10:42:59
Writing about the Firestone Firehawk SZ90 given 69% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 100 spirited miles
I have recently bought a set of these tyres for my car having been informed that they had a new tread pattern. I have found that they have good cornering and braking characteristics in wet or dry conditions on all road surfaces.

I recently took a friend who races street cars as a hobby for a drive on dual carriageways and motorway and he even remarked how quiet they were regarding road noise over other comparable makes.

I would definitely recommend these tyres to anyone.
tyre reviewed on 2016-09-24 17:17:14
Writing about the Autogrip F107 given 20% (215-55-16-)
Driving on mostly town for 1000 average miles
I bought the car in 2015 with these tyres on the back and Autogrip p308 on the front. Driving reasonably on wet corner in a housing estate, the rear let go instantly with terrifying fishtailing 3 or 4 times until back under control. Luckily there was nothing coming the other way and no parked vehicles. I swapped the f107 for some quality tyres and have had no further problems, including no problems with the Autoslip/autogrip tyres on the front. Do not buy!
tyre reviewed on 2016-02-27 19:42:42
Writing about the Nexen N8000 given 82% (215-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30000 easy going miles
I fitted these after reading the tests and reports on here.
Driving has ranged from single track roads to motorways in all conditions over the last couple of years and they have never given me cause for concern.
The fronts have just been replaced after 30,000 miles with the same again.
The rears will be replaced very shortly.
The miles I got from these tyres came as quite a suprise as the compound does feel very soft and I really was not expecting them to last as long as they did.
I am very impressed at the price.
I will be fitting a set to my Wifes car shortly.
tyre reviewed on 2015-10-18 06:48:17
Writing about the Avon Ice Touring ST given 82% (195-65-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12 spirited miles
These tyres really start to work when the temperature drops below about 8c the wet weather grip improves over normal tyres.
On ice and snow the traction is much superior to normal tyres but the wheels need to spinning a little for the tyres to really work.

In dry warm conditions they feel a little "wobbly" compared to normal tyres of the same size, so best kept for winter use only.
tyre reviewed on 2015-01-29 13:02:10
Writing about the Rotalla F105 given 88% (215-55-16-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 average miles
Had these tyres on now for just over 1000 miles its still early days , yet they
give a good overall feel , dry grip is good & in the wet feels ok too with over
35 years driving in all kinds of conditions & with all the big brands i can fully recommend these tyres.
I also tow a 1200 kg caravan & feel these tyres are no different from any of the well known expensive brands some other reviews on these tyres need to be taken with a pinch of salt , they are GOOD & SAFE for £40 odd a corner are a real bargin .
if anyone really pushes a car they can get ANY brand to under perform
tyre reviewed on 2014-09-25 22:32:41
Writing about the Wanli S1088 given NAN% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 150 average miles
I bought a Rover 75 SE Conn. and brought it back to the dealership the next day thinking that the wheel bearings had gone in all four corners. I was told that it was tyre noise and that it was a known feature with the SUNNY tyres fitted.
I was dissatisfied with this explanation,frankly not believing that it was possible for tyres to create such a racket. The dealer changed all four rims for those on another Rover and when driven the difference was amazing.
Unfortunately the rims had to be swapped back and I was left with my Sunny shod originals. I changed the tyres as soon as possible and will never have tyres on a car ever again.
tyre reviewed on 2014-08-03 13:23:28
Writing about the Jinyu YU61 given 93% (215-55-16-V)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1000 average miles

Ive been driving for 30 odd years & used all the top brands & can honestly say
these are just as good or even better , I cann't beleive some of the reviews by idiots on this website .
No grip , are a danger ......utter crap if people drove within the cars limit &
their own they could give a proper review .
At £60 each fully fitted they are a real bargin & i can fully recommend them
cheap doesn't always mean bad .
Had them on for just over 1,000 mls dry & wet & they are just fine.
tyre reviewed on 2014-01-11 17:10:52
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