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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Cooper Discoverer ATT SUV (1) 100% 90% 90% 100% 100% 100%
Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen 1 (27) 87% 90% 83% 85% 88% 90%
Event ML698 (9) 91% 90% 90% 89% 94% 80%
BFGoodrich Urban Terrain TA (18) 89% 86% 83% 79% 89% 85%
Michelin Latitude Alpin (4) 90% 85% 80% 83% 93% 83%
Cooper Discoverer AT3 Sport (4) 95% 85% 83% 87% 87% 98%
Yokohama Geolander AT G015 (16) 86% 82% 73% 78% 79% 88%
Michelin Latitude Cross (50) 85% 84% 78% 76% 90% 80%
Nexen WinGuard Sport 2 (27) 85% 84% 72% 76% 86% 84%
Nankang SV3 (4) 90% 75% 65% 75% 75% 88%
Nokian Rotiiva AT (2) 85% 65% 80% 75% 90% 80%
Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2 (21) 84% 80% 79% 78% 86% 78%
BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 (22) 86% 66% 77% 77% 87% 73%
Uniroyal RainExpert 3 SUV (6) 82% 90% 75% 80% 48% 82%
Fulda 4x4 ROAD (4) 78% 68% 68% 65% 83% 75%
Toyo Snowprox S943 (6) 78% 77% 78% 62% 82% 82%
GT Radial Savero SUV (8) 80% 71% 69% 70% 66% 75%
Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport (8) 78% 79% 69% 63% 54% 66%
Kenda KOMET PLUS KR23 (22) 73% 57% 66% 61% 71% 77%

Dacia Duster 4x4 Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the BFGoodrich Urban Terrain TA given 81% (215-65-16-)
Driving on for 50000 miles
I used BF Urban Terrain throught 2 year on my Dacia Duster 4x4. I satisfied both winter and summer season. If you looking for a tire for using %80 road %20 offroad usage, BF Urban Terrain is good choise for you. I tried all terrain types but i didnt feel the same comfort beause of noisy.
tyre reviewed on 2022-06-03 14:19:29
Writing about the Continental ContiCrossContact LX 2 given 53% (205-60-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 15000 average miles
One of the loudest road noise and hard ride tyres I have experienced. In mud, they are next to useless. For reference they are fitted to a Renault Duster 4x4
tyre reviewed on 2022-02-02 12:44:39
Writing about the Yokohama Geolander AT G015 given 72% (215-65-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 6000 average miles
I had to left review of these tyres since there is not that much reviews. Grip on the road is very good both dry and wet. Grip off road is fantastic mud rock crawling sand you name it. Puncture protection is on the same level like MT tyres never had any problem and i drive mostly off road with these tyres. I dont think you could buy better all terain tyre that is this good on road like off road. They are not noisy like some AT tires. It is same road noise like HT tyre. And i driven on BF K02 that had "maybe" little bit better grip off road((it is both on driver and vehicle to max difference between koo2 and GO15) but on road they arent close to perfomance of GO15 tyres. There is going be a little bit more fuel consuption depenting on driving style but it is mosly about 0.5-1L more on 100km. Where these tyre lack perfomance is on compacted snow. You are better with summer tyre on compacted snow than with this mostly because summer tyres wont have grip to get you going these will but they are as bad as summer tyres when it came to stopping. On compacted snow there is apsolute no grip just sliding all around and i tested them on 0C and 15cm of snow.There is some forward grip lattelar grip "none" in corners at 20km/h just starts sliding to side of road . On the other hand they are good when there is water,fresh snow,slush(regular winter condition) on the road lets say like budget winter tyre so no fear there. I must mention when they were brand new 10mm of thread they were quite good on compacted snow plenty of grip. It is not a thread thing but maybe as they age they loose some grip from high summer temp(40C) and off road abuse because compound of tyre was much softer brand new than they are right now. Another shock came when i tried them on snow covered off road path that i regulary use and they were brilliant both forward and lattelar grip. (i think they are good because surface isnt smooth like pavement and they bite for every bit imperfection on snowy road.) I have driven goodyear ultragrip 9 sava uhp 2 continetal ts860(premium winter tyres) so i can be objective about snow grip. A tried both with normal road presure 2.2bar and offroad 1.6bar no changes in result. Tyres 1 year old 10 000km 8mm of thread left on all four tyres. With all this said I would definetly recommend them because they are best all around AT tyre on the market right now. Definetly would buy them again.
tyre reviewed on 2021-12-01 11:14:30
Writing about the BFGoodrich All Terrain TA KO2 given 78% (215-65-16-S)
Driving on a combination of roads for 20000 spirited miles
Got these tires on my 2016 1.5dci 110hp Dacia Duster 4x4 6MT - fully bash plated from front to rear and off road suspension fitted to it, on OEM off road steel rims (not bed locked but with the sunken valve so it is protected from ripping). On road: Let's start from this: They are definitely off road tires! They are noisy and they are heavy so mall crawler owners will be very displeased with the comfort levels. If you know that before buying them, they will surprise you on road as they have a spectacular wear rate and plenty of grip in the dry. Comparable to touring non premium on road tires, both wear and dry grip wise. In the wet, they have an exceptional resistance to aquaplaning but are nowhere near "on road" tires when referring to grip levels. That being said, they don't snap at you either. You know the limit is closer BUT they are progressive and give lots and lots of feedback. If you are familiar to the general concepts of driving, they will never startle you and are actually quite pleasant to play with when there's no traffic around. If, on the other hand, you just yank the steering wheel like a monkey, they will kill you. The same may apply for roads with compacted snow and/or ice on them. Efficiency wise, the car uses about 15% more fuel compared to normal road tires. Now, let's talk off road: First things first, lower pressure from 2.2 bar to at least 1.8 bar but can go as low as 0.8 bar (extreme cases) without unseating the bed (the Duster is quite a light vehicle). Normally i use between 1.3 and 1.8 bar when off road, depending on the conditions. In the dry, may it be rocks, roots, stones, sand, dirt, whatever you throw at them they will handle with ease from crawling speeds to bashing at what feels like at least one million miles per hour... They will survive anything, they are built really tough! I couldn't believe the pointy rocks i've made contact with (to be read "hit") crawling in river beds or on forest roads driven like rally stages and never had a puncture or tear. Actually there's not even a scratch on any of the side walls. In the wet (rocks, roots, sand, stones) they are still great and grip well. On saturated dirt/deep mud they pack up quite easily and just like any other AT tire, they won't do much in those conditions (compared to MTs, not to road tires which are hopeless). In the snow they pack quite an unexpected punch even though they don't even have that many small sipes, like dedicated snow tires. They are both "M+S" and "3MPSF" rated and they truly deserve it. In puffy, dry snow they go like you're on dry dirt (tested from 10 to 50 cm deep). In wet heavy snow they need a bit of momentum which can be tricky to gain from a standstill on a 20% gradient, but once you got that, they keep on going like a train (tested in snow 20 to 35 cm deep), provided that you keep your foot planted on the loud pedal. Long story short, will definitely buy again because the ease of mind given by the toughness and off road prowess surpasses the inconvenient that you have to drive a bit slower and stay a bit further behind the vehicle in front of you when it rains.
tyre reviewed on 2021-02-17 09:15:42
Writing about the Nankang SV3 given 86% (215-65-16-H)
Driving on mostly country roads for 5000 spirited miles
Best budget tyres you can get. Best value for money. 50€/piece in my country. Impressive performance on snow, mud and in the wet.
tyre reviewed on 2021-01-10 22:45:55
Writing about the Nokian Rotiiva AT given 79% (215-65-16-T)
Driving on mostly motorways for 12000 easy going miles
I bought Nokian Rotiiva AT tires for my Dacia Duster 4WD as all season tires because of its "snowflake" (3PMSF) and Aramid sidewalls. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to drive in the snow in winter because I used them for one season only. As AT tires, they are quiet and provide good dry traction during normal driving. After approx. 20 thousand km done mostly on motorways and country roads they have been left with little more than 80% of the tread, so they wear out slowly. The grip is not perfect in the wet, you need to be careful especially when braking hard, otherwise the Nokians will tell you that the grip is running out. They are doing well on sand. On the gravel, small pebbles clog the tread, which is notorious and irritating. They do not cope with heavy mud like most ATs. Now I have another 4x4 and I am considering a new set of AT tires. Would I buy Nokians again? I am not sure (that pebbles), but Rotiiva AT is one of the top AT tires on the market for sure (quiet, durable, winter ready).
tyre reviewed on 2020-11-09 23:46:32
Writing about the Nexen WinGuard Sport 2 given 32% (215-65-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 0 average miles
Tyres went wobbly right after 10000km. Unrepairable with 3 different tyre balancing machines. Simply 2of4 tyres were shot.Do not expect these tyres to be reliable , the price tells you all. Definitelly won't buy or recommend these any more.
tyre reviewed on 2019-12-28 20:36:29
Writing about the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport given 44% (215-65-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 19000 average miles
I run about 22000km a year and 1/3 of them with winter tires. I drive approximately 65% tarmac and 35% gravel, I drive off road sometimes, not countable in percent, but when I do I need to trust the grip.

I had these tires for 2 summer seasons and they are finished now so they lasted for about 30000km. I find the wear to be extremely high, I use to have the tires 3 or 4 years before buying new ones.

I think the tires behave strange, in curves it sometimes feels like they collapse in one direction and then gives a recoil in the other direction or something like that. It never caused something bad but I never felt that behavior in normal speeds before...

Off road they are more or less useless.
tyre reviewed on 2019-11-11 22:00:57
Writing about the Cooper Discoverer ATT SUV given 91% (215-65-16-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1500 average miles
#Cooper #Discoverer #ATT (2.3 ATM) - Hi all, we had the privilege to start testing the new Cooper ATTs. Our colleagues pressured us to release a video so I only had 3 days of solo testing. The overall testing will continue in the next 3-4 months, versus included, so stay tuned. At the end of the video you will also find the first AT chart temporary grades for this new tire. Some grades are purely speculative from design analysis experience, as we had not tested yet the mud, snow, etc.
The tire impressed me with its fuel consumption, in city and outside I had around 1 liter in fuel consumption gain, it is also exceptionally quiet, medium priced summer tire levels. It has no vibrations at high speeds and keeps a good stable road direction (when you reduce hand input). Lateral grip is insanely good and this will not only be an asset on asphalt but in off-road especially when you have to Spiderman your car, driving at high speed on gravel or to avoid lateral slides on inclined hills.
On the off-road dust, gravel and dry grass the tires performed well. I would say that grass and gravel are the first surfaces to be traded off for high speed on asphalt features. As on any tire, it is all about balance and trade-offs. For a tire that is manufactured in China, it shows how much they have advanced with western help. We are biased against Chinese made tires, but in this case, we didn’t find anything to complain… yet!
Compared with AT34S, you have 10-15%: less traction, stopping power but the tires are significant less fuel consumption, less noise and a bit more lateral grip. We also suspect that the ATT will perform better in mud than the grades we listed. More testing will come for the ATTs, for now though they have our appreciation for their price versus performance offer.
Photo details explained:
1. Interesting X like Sipe, an unusual design for the edge blocks. Design to offer resistance, control and stability at high speeds turns.
2. Whisper grooves, split this time, they provide a sound barrier. Don’t worry for water elimination, that’s not lateral here but behind the tire.
3. Stone ejector ledges and engineered groove shapes. They also prevent the blocks from being ripped-of or getting deep splits.
4. Cut block edges to prevent damage ruptures. This also helps with the mud release.
5. Asynchronous central aquavac channels, for netter mud and snow traction. Similar edges to 4 but doubled down in 2 parts for surface higher risk of the block.
6. Inclined block external edges to allow faster mud release and a higher water evacuation volume.
7. Small overlapped central block column interlock, this ensures a quitter ride and constant traction control performance at high speed.
8. High Silica content compound, summer biased chemically. Provides decent cut and good chip performance and best-in-class tread wear and traction. We expect ATT to be chemically a bit stronger than 4S.
9. Also 10 – same block edge cut, this will allow for faster mud release, especially mud mixed with grass.
11. Lateral block enhancements and surface enlargement for better lateral protection and grip in direction changes in off-road.
12. Small shoulder size differences, for lateral grip. They are smaller than usual on other ATs to ensure high speed direction change stability.
13. Deep vertical lateral sipes. A small overkill design feature that shows the fact that the tire was tested and designed with the help of machine learning. You can see things that only an AI will do.
14. Extra lateral protection for high spin in rocks.
15. Grip and structural small lines, for lateral low speed rocks grip.
16. Raised curb bars, designed to give extra protection in going over rocks and spinning the rites while also in a tight direction turn.
tyre reviewed on 2019-10-02 08:48:18
Writing about the Michelin Latitude Cross given 47% (215-65-16-R)
Driving on mostly country roads for 15 average miles
Fitted to a Duster DCI 110 4x4 2 years ago. Roads are poor in Eastern Crete and thought these tyres would suffer the potholes, rocks and going off road to my Olives (checked with the Michelin chat line). Tore a sidewall in 2 weeks, tyres scream when cornering on a hot tarmac road. Good tyre life but will change them early as the grip in mud/loose stone isn't any better than the originals that were purely a tarmac tyre. Was a great fan of the old X A/T when fitted on my Range Rover years ago but will now look elsewhere.
tyre reviewed on 2019-08-10 14:25:15
Writing about the BFGoodrich Urban Terrain TA given 80% (215-65-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 25000 miles
Sufficient traction in the snow, average braking distance.
Average traction on ice, poor braking.
On wet and dry ground.
Tire life is very high.
tyre reviewed on 2019-01-09 18:40:55
Writing about the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance Gen 1 given 86% (215-65-16-H)
Driving on mostly country roads for 4000 spirited miles
Never felt so confident with a tyre as with these, I've been running winter tyres for nearly 10 years now and that's in cold wet and heavy snowed alpine roads. Slightly high rolling resistance, you can really feel it, but tyre that feels like it's sticking to the road is exactly what you want in a winter tyre no? Wear, well I've just put them back on for a 2nd winter season and it doesn't look like they've lost any tread yet, still feel like they did when I first put them on.
tyre reviewed on 2018-11-02 22:34:08
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