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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Kleber Quadraxer (42) 81% 87% 79% 71% 89% 87%
Goodyear UltraGrip 9 (39) 82% 89% 81% 83% 84% 90%
Uniroyal RainExpert (132) 85% 91% 81% 76% 75% 86%
Goodyear Vector 4Seasons (61) 84% 83% 82% 82% 86% 82%
Marshal Matrac MH11 (5) 92% 64% 88% 80% 88% 76%
Nexen Arrowspeed CP661 (12) 81% 74% 73% 75% 80% 76%
Sava Eskimo S3 Plus (29) 76% 75% 71% 73% 78% 83%
Dunlop SportMaxx RT (175) 88% 84% 83% 82% 60% 82%
Toyo Proxes Comfort (12) 83% 78% 75% 68% 81% 86%
Firestone TZ300A (24) 80% 79% 70% 78% 78% 74%
Michelin Energy Saver (136) 83% 71% 74% 71% 85% 80%
Michelin Primacy HP (199) 85% 75% 77% 74% 77% 76%
Giti GitiSynergyH2 (14) 78% 86% 65% 65% 89% 69%
Nankang SV2 (30) 83% 77% 74% 74% 83% 74%
Toyo T1R (288) 83% 69% 75% 75% 63% 70%
Avon ZV7 (129) 83% 78% 73% 72% 59% 79%
Kumho Solus Vier KH21 (5) 83% 85% 80% 78% 53% 60%
Goodyear Excellence (125) 79% 70% 72% 71% 72% 73%
Tracmax X Privilo TX3 (8) 83% 66% 63% 74% 66% 66%
Avon ZT7 (11) 79% 73% 69% 64% 60% 72%
Goodyear EfficientGrip (140) 77% 68% 63% 61% 71% 71%
Barum Bravuris (19) 79% 57% 63% 64% 65% 68%
Sunny Wintermax NW611 (3) 63% 70% 60% 50% 70% 53%
GT Radial Champiro VP1 (5) 78% 56% 66% 66% 55% 56%
Lassa Multiways (2) 75% 60% 55% 60% 65% 60%
Goodyear GT2 (12) 80% 67% 71% 63% 83% 67%
Accelera Alpha (130) 65% 44% 53% 49% 69% 56%
Federal Super Steel 657 (8) 70% 51% 48% 51% 75% 55%
Lassa Iceways 2 (2) 40% 30% 60% 80% 65% 15%
Marangoni Verso (38) 69% 48% 55% 47% 49% 54%
Primewell PS850 (6) 58% 60% 42% 38% 48% 50%
Haida HD921 (37) 59% 40% 46% 45% 50% 38%
Autogrip F107 (127) 58% 27% 44% 36% 60% 50%
Sunny SN3800 (63) 50% 29% 30% 29% 44% 28%

Citroën berlingo Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Avon ZV7 given 43% (215-55-16-)
Driving on mostly town for 9000 average miles
purchased 4 Avon ZV7 XL after just 18 months cracks appeared in the tread valleys of all 4 tyres, returned all 4 to tyre shop. . Very disappointed .
tyre reviewed on 2024-06-18 01:45:37
Writing about the Avon ZV7 given 73% (215-50-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 9000 spirited miles
Just don't! I had Avon tyres before, they were ace and lasted long. This however, not even sure they did the 9000 as I have winter tyres too and didn't mark the mileage so it is an educated guess. They are good tyres in terms of performance, can't fault them. Love their grip on wet and dry and give a stable cornering experience. I bought my car when it was 1 year old and they came with Michelin Supremacy or whatever it was and they were horrible. I felt I was driving on ice, especially in wet conditions so I quickly replaced them. On my former car I had the Avons and in fact I still have them in the shed as I sold the car with the winter tyres, and that Avon is still solid at 6+ years old, no cracks, and did at least 25 000 miles. However the ones I bought in 2021 for the Berlingo they got cracks all over the place as described by other reviews. Also I didn't check the treads properly just briefly and it was around half way on the sides, never realised that they were almost on the legal limit in the middle until I've read it in the shop report that the tyres were at 6%. We went away for a long weekend and having 3 little children I didn't take any chances, told the local shop to replace them. Since I had only 2 days to sort it out I went for the same again. First I thought I must have had done something to the tyres myself like letting them on for this winter or the high speed travel on the autobahn had its toll or just simply had a bad batch as the other avons were fine. I hope I won't regret this decision, I came to look if it is really fine to have less than 3 year old tyres with all the cracking. I was shocked to see all these reviews with the same issues. I wish I had the time to check around before I had to buy again, I would have avoided it!
I didn't mind the mileage as much as I wasn't particularly soft with them and this is a big box car, probably has a bit more force on the corners than the ford focus I had before but wasn't happy about it either. It is not cheap, it cost me £110 per tyre fitted now. The guy in the shop said it is completely normal to have those cracks on a 3 years old tyre. I guess he said that because he knew I bought those from them too. Anyway, this review is for that faulty set of tyres. Since I normally use winter tyres too I kept the front and back rotating therefore I had all 4 tyres on 6% according to the tyre shop. As many other it was the middle tread which was gone with the sides looking like half way done only.
There is one more aspect that probably nobody noticed, Now that I had the new ones fitted the car is more "bouncy" like the tyres were overinflated. I am yet to check that (was nothing but raining badly since) but I doubt the shop put more air in them than shown on the sticker in the door frame and that's what I usually kept myself with regular checks and adjustments. If the pressure is in the same region it would mean that the tyres are "softening" with time and road feedback changes. However, I must point out that I didn't notice any change in the grip on the worn tyres. I wasn't pushing them to the limits though but in everyday spirited driving they didn't feel different.
I will come back in a year or two and give another feedback on the current set. Hopefully I will be lucky and these will last long and won't crack. Also I have a set of winter tyres they are Avon too, at some point I'll do a review on them as well. In terms of performance they are the same as this so quite happy with those too, but now I am worried about the longevity.
tyre reviewed on 2024-04-16 16:17:10
Writing about the Giti GitiSynergyH2 given 83% (215-60-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 500 spirited miles
I’m very surprised by the way the tyre performs on wet weathers. Give me a lot of confidence driving on wet roads. Dry grip is surprisingly quite normal as what you would expect from its price point. Ain’t that noisy a tyre as I’ve used nosier ones before. It’s acceptable for me.
tyre reviewed on 2023-11-08 03:35:20
Writing about the Avon ZT7 given 54% (195-65-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 100 easy going miles
Not had the ZT7's long but already find them noisier than the Good Year vector's they replaced. The biggest gripe I have is that since putting them on I receive a static electric shock whenever I get out after a drive.
tyre reviewed on 2023-05-16 01:32:14
Writing about the Lassa Iceways 2 given 41% (205-55-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 0 spirited miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2023-01-12 14:34:32
Writing about the Toyo Proxes Comfort given 91% (195-65-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 4000 average miles
Toyo proxies comfort tyres offer really good wet and dry performance for a reasonable price. Predictable in the wet too, they don’t aquaplane. Unless in VERY heavy rain/standing water,which all tires would struggle in. Comfortable and quiet on the motorway Wear levels are excellent for the price bracket they are in.7 months and 3-4000 miles and still look like new
tyre reviewed on 2023-01-12 13:40:57
Writing about the Avon ZV7 given 53% (215-55-16-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 6400 easy going miles
I was very happy with these tyres fitted to my Citroen Berlingo Multispace until all 4 tyres cracked inside the tread pattern around the complete circumference of the tyre. All 4 tyres were only 3 years old and had only completed 6400 miles. I had to use the extremely unhelpful British Tyre Manufacturers Association UK (BTMAUK) returns system where at my cost I had to have all 4 tyres removed. After 4 months of fighting to get the original fitting garage to send the tyres to the distributor (Oak Tyres of Haydock) who then had to send them to Avon I was awarded a credit note to the value of £160 towards 4 new tyres which is useless as I had already had to replace the tyres. I cannot and will not ever be able to recommend Avon tyres to anyone after this.
tyre reviewed on 2022-11-27 14:57:08
Writing about the Lassa Multiways given 26% (195-65-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 7000 average miles
tyre reviewed on 2022-06-14 09:27:56
Writing about the Tracmax X Privilo TX3 given 53% (185-65-15-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 spirited miles
Had these for less than a year and the front tyres are completely worn on the edges, tyres are definitely inflated to the correct pressure but they just seem to wear as soon as you do any spirited driving, in a straight line they're fine in the wet but can suddenly let go in faster turns
tyre reviewed on 2022-05-18 15:08:04
Writing about the Michelin Energy Saver given 53% (205-60-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12000 easy going miles
I bought the car a year old. This tyre was the factory default. They did just above 10,000 miles. The front tyres were almost on marker. 3 out of the 4 tyres were badly cracked at the base around the threads so much they would have failed MOT. I have looked this up and found many had similar issues, they say due to the soft compound. When I drove it in light rain it felt like I was skating, was literally so bad. I have joined an fb group for this car and half of the owners complained about the same. They said it was OK brand new but as it wore down it got terrible. Basically all of them opted for different tyres when they nedded/decided to replace. Don't get me wrong I am not against the brand, I had winter tyres a few years back of it and they were brilliant, but I'd say being a premium tyre with premium price this particular tyre is not worth it. Also bear in mind I had them "used" so my experience and rating is for that, I didn't drive them brand new. Also the car is a 7 seater almost van like family car so not driven in a sporty fashion. I have mid range tyres on my other car which overall perform way better.
tyre reviewed on 2021-11-18 08:50:12
Writing about the Haida HD921 given 25% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly town for 0 miles
Bought a set of alloys with these tyres on brand new... Well after 3days driving in the dry conditions they where alright but once the roads are wet these tyres are the worst I've ever had near put the van off the road turning a corner van slid out thankfully there was no on coming traffic, even breaking coming to roundabouts they slide never would i have these again..they are a dangerous tyre once the roads are wet
tyre reviewed on 2021-05-20 14:19:08
Writing about the Goodyear UltraGrip 9 given 57% (205-65-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
Fitted these following the great reviews however I'm completely disappointed with the outcome. Even from new these tyres would spin up on my 1.6 automatic Berlingo. After only 10k miles the outer tread is coming off in lumps inside and out and almost onto the wear indicators. Back to my trusted Vredesteins next. Goodyear, never again.
tyre reviewed on 2019-11-11 16:01:45
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