Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TCDI Tyres

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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Vredestein Ultrac Satin (39) 93% 91% 89% 89% 87% 91%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (198) 93% 91% 87% 89% 83% 81%
Nokian zLine (82) 92% 91% 90% 88% 77% 86%
Lassa Impetus Revo 2 Plus (4) 88% 85% 80% 85% 88% 88%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 (165) 89% 87% 82% 82% 81% 88%
Hankook Optimo 4S (32) 86% 86% 79% 78% 78% 88%
Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 (38) 88% 80% 80% 79% 79% 86%
Avon ZZ5 (93) 90% 83% 83% 86% 70% 82%
Accelera X Grip 4S (2) 75% 65% 70% 70% 90% 85%
General Altimax Sport (31) 80% 80% 80% 78% 87% 80%
Bridgestone Adrenalin RE003 (80) 91% 78% 83% 86% 70% 73%
Michelin CrossClimate (134) 88% 85% 83% 80% 83% 89%
Ovation VI 388 (14) 85% 82% 78% 83% 80% 77%
Uniroyal RainSport 3 (281) 84% 92% 79% 78% 64% 83%
Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 (78) 85% 79% 79% 80% 76% 81%
Kumho Ecsta KU39 (123) 86% 78% 80% 76% 73% 81%
Dunlop SportMaxx RT (171) 88% 85% 83% 82% 60% 82%
Nexen N Fera SU1 (117) 84% 77% 76% 78% 76% 82%
Michelin Primacy 3 (176) 86% 80% 77% 77% 70% 81%
Triangle Sportex TSH11 (16) 78% 67% 78% 75% 75% 75%
Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D (39) 81% 83% 79% 77% 75% 76%
Landsail LS588 UHP (87) 81% 76% 70% 68% 75% 80%
Kleber DYNAXER HP2 (14) 80% 70% 74% 67% 71% 74%
Rovelo RPX 998 (29) 80% 64% 69% 67% 63% 74%
Jinyu YU63 (52) 78% 62% 67% 66% 72% 72%
Goodyear EfficientGrip (134) 77% 68% 62% 60% 70% 70%
Nankang NS2 (210) 76% 58% 65% 62% 73% 62%
Dayton D320 (9) 78% 60% 60% 54% 60% 70%
Accelera PHI (149) 69% 45% 54% 53% 66% 58%
Sunny SN3970 (45) 71% 49% 55% 54% 64% 55%
Haida HD921 (35) 58% 40% 46% 44% 50% 37%

Ford Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TCDI Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 given 96% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly town for 7000 average miles
great tyre out performs the competition at a cheaper price have used all the goodyear assymetrics over the past 12 years and they keep improving on all models.
tyre reviewed on 2021-08-30 08:33:51
Writing about the Accelera PHI given 41% (235-40-19-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 2000 easy going miles
Initially I was impressed, that didn’t last long. Wear is average at best and dry grip will never compete with a premium brand but it’s satisfactory. Wet grip however is a different story. If you drive with your kids in the car you don’t want these tires, wet stopping distance is horrendous. And the final straw was when my car developed a lot of wheel wobble the investigation found one of my tires after less than 2000 miles (3000km) was out of shape meaning the wheel could not be balanced and vibration unavoidable. Fuel economy was aldosterone down around 10%. I’m now back on Michelin all round and the car is transformed.
tyre reviewed on 2021-08-16 19:51:39
Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 given 96% (245-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 26000 average miles
had all the asymmetrics on this car the 5 is the best so far the others were good also.
tyre reviewed on 2021-04-17 05:50:36
Writing about the Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 given 91% (235-40-18-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 12000 spirited miles
Having had two sets of the previous generation Dunlop SP Sportmaxx RT on my Mondeo before, I had no hesitation going for the next generation RT2 when they came for replacement. As with the previous generation I was impressed with this tyre but the biggest upgrade from the previous generation I found the wear rate to be much better. I tend to carry speed through bends where I can and these were certainly communicative and grippy both dry and wet. High speed motorway running in heavy standing water wasn't a problem for these and I was able to carry on when other cars were slowing down or spinning off. Snow grip isn't anything to write home about but then this is a performance summer tyre not a winter one. The tyres weren't unduly noisy or harsher than any other tyres I'd had on the car. They were pretty low profile and with the -20mm lower sports suspension pack on the car they weren't overly thrashy around potholes. Fuel consumption was pretty good too.
tyre reviewed on 2021-02-16 23:24:39
Writing about the Landsail LS588 UHP given 73% (235-40-19-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 5500 average miles
When i bought my car in march 2020 the place i bought the car from fitted 4 LS588 tyres as part of the sale. I have been fairly surprized by these as they are far better than i was expecting, comfortable, low noise and handle pretty good, you really have to push them for them to let go and even then, they are predictable. Downside to these tyres, 5500 miles on the front and they are down to 4mm, rears are at 7mm. I swapped them round front to back to try and extend the life. I don't think i'd buy them again purely because they wear to quickly, if they lasted abit longer then i would buy again without a problem. Car is a 2016 ford mondeo estate diesel
tyre reviewed on 2021-02-01 15:55:51
Writing about the Accelera X Grip 4S given 70% (235-40-19-W)
Driving on for 8000 miles
I usually fit summer and winter tyres but decided to opt for all seasons due to living in a remote rural area. The car I drive offers very few all season options so I chose these which cost £61 each opposed to £160 plus per corner. In the warmer weather they are ok and on par with any other slightly higher end budget tyre. They do lose a little grip in the wet when accelerating, but generally ok. They have mud and snow markings and have waited to try them during bad weather. Today in about 5cm snow they performed admirably. I was quite surprised as I could almost drive as if there was no snow. This was definitely the tyres strong point. Stopping in the snow was the same as my previously fitted Dunlop tyres. I would recommend these tyres if you are confined to a budget but want that assurance during the winter months.
tyre reviewed on 2021-01-16 13:10:50
Writing about the Jinyu YU63 given 34% (235-50-17-W)
Driving on mostly motorways for 10 average miles
Bought a new Car with these fitted and all seemed fine until it rained, the tyres aren’t too bad In the dry but are horrendous in the wet - gave them a couple of weeks but had to change them, wouldn’t want to risk driving on these going into winter.
tyre reviewed on 2020-08-28 07:42:33
Writing about the Vredestein Ultrac Satin given 92% (235-50-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
- excellent in low NOISE: this is for the speed up to 120 Km/hour - excellent in Comfort: compared to previous Michelins and Dunlops are Ultra Satin tyres better - average diesel consumption went down by 0,6l / 100 km - handling on very wet road is predictible - after 2000 miles I can not value WEAR, because is not adequate.
tyre reviewed on 2020-05-29 14:28:16
Writing about the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 given 89% (235-40-18-W)
Driving on mostly country roads for 10000 spirited miles
Been running Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric's (3's and now 5's) for a good few years. Think the 3's top the 5's, just, so if you can find them I'd go with them. Get 15-18k from the fronts and are a very good all round tyre. Was never a Goodyear fan, but my tyre guy talked me into a full set over 5 years ago with the adage that if I was not 100% happy with them, he would change them for any other tyre I wanted at no cost. May not be the best at any one thing, but a bloody strong 2'nd at everything. I trust them 100% and are very predicable and only start to tram line once you get them down to just under 2mm, so let you know when a new set is needed.
tyre reviewed on 2020-05-21 19:30:53
Writing about the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D given 78% (235-40-19-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 12 spirited miles
I drive a Ford Mondeo 2.0 diesel titanium 2015 177 BHP. I purchased these tyres as reassurance having sold my four wheel drive and living in a remote rural area. In temperatures under 7 degrees they perform very well. I fit them to my vehicle in November and remove them at the beginning of April. I have used them once in light snow and icy road conditions. Dry grip is fine even in warmer weather but they lose traction if you pull away quickly. They can slip a little if trying to merge onto a dual carriageway under acceleration. In the cold weather they operate at you would expect. We just haven’t had a great deal of cold weather where these tyres would come into their own. I have had the tyres for two years and they are now down to 4mm although I have alternated with summer tyres. I am now going to buy all season tyres to save changing and storing each set annually. Would I recommend these for winter tyres, yes I would. I suppose buying these would depend on where you live. I live in East Anglia and probably don’t need them based on one period of snow in last three years.
tyre reviewed on 2020-04-12 20:32:14
Writing about the Rovelo RPX 998 given 34% (225-45-17-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 5000 average miles
tires don't handle well in wet conditions maybe alright on the back but not on the front
tyre reviewed on 2020-03-11 18:14:36
Writing about the Nexen N Fera SU1 given NAN% (235-40-19-W)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30000 spirited miles
When I purchased my car it had a set of Continental tyres on, but all were on the limit. The dealer agreed to replace all four tyres and I paid £90 in total to upgrade them to mid- range Nexen’s. I am pleased I did as nearly two years on and 30k miles later there is still an even 5 mm plus on each corner. My car feels balanced, sure footed on bends and wet/ dry braking is not a problem. I always change over to my winter tyres in November which are Dunlop’s so I can’t comment on Nexen’s performance in ice or snow. I am very conscious about my tyres after al, regardless of what car you have they are all that connect you with the road. If I had a choice I would stick to premium brands, but Nexen’s do what I expect them to. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in the future based on my experience.
tyre reviewed on 2019-11-10 22:55:24
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