BMW 320i Tyres

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Tyre Reviewed Dry Grip Wet Grip Feedback Handling Wear Comfort
Maxxis M36 Plus (2) 100% 95% 95% 95% 100% 95%
Michelin Primacy 4 Plus (10) 92% 95% 86% 86% 94% 93%
Continental WinterContact TS 860 S (9) 92% 86% 92% 89% 91% 93%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 (401) 91% 89% 86% 85% 80% 87%
Barum Quartaris 5 (3) 87% 80% 83% 83% 93% 97%
Bridgestone Potenza Sport (70) 94% 88% 91% 92% 64% 75%
Continental WinterContact TS 850 (55) 88% 89% 85% 85% 85% 89%
Uniroyal RainExpert (131) 85% 91% 81% 76% 75% 86%
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 (285) 90% 88% 81% 84% 74% 79%
Nokian WR A4 (21) 85% 88% 71% 78% 79% 87%
Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 (102) 89% 81% 80% 79% 80% 80%
Continental Premium Contact 6 (99) 89% 85% 82% 84% 75% 80%
Syron Race 1 plus (15) 86% 81% 74% 74% 84% 86%
Uniroyal RainSport 2 (226) 85% 91% 78% 76% 76% 80%
Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric (140) 91% 88% 82% 78% 70% 80%
Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 (55) 85% 79% 81% 82% 77% 78%
Michelin Primacy 4 (132) 86% 82% 75% 78% 82% 86%
Uniroyal RainSport 3 (283) 84% 92% 79% 78% 64% 83%
Kumho Ecsta PS31 (53) 82% 78% 76% 79% 75% 78%
Dunlop SportMaxx RT (172) 88% 85% 83% 82% 60% 82%
Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3 (32) 90% 87% 75% 72% 67% 77%
Nokian WR Snowproof (2) 90% 90% 80% 80% 75% 90%
Cooper Zeon CS6 (33) 83% 74% 69% 74% 85% 72%
Hankook Ventus Prime K105 (19) 79% 65% 77% 65% 70% 79%
Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max (2) 80% 65% 65% 70% 75% 65%
Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 (157) 84% 78% 76% 73% 60% 65%
Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT (68) 86% 66% 76% 72% 67% 68%
Petlas Snow Master W651 (27) 77% 66% 64% 69% 86% 71%
Autogrip P308 Plus (2) 75% 70% 70% 60% 75% 70%
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A (210) 83% 69% 74% 72% 66% 59%
Pirelli P Zero Runflat (36) 84% 69% 75% 73% 59% 65%
Goodride SV308 (32) 75% 64% 64% 63% 77% 69%
Continental Sport Contact 5 SSR Runflat (27) 87% 76% 78% 75% 49% 59%
Viking Snow Tech II (10) 76% 66% 76% 53% 76% 74%
Goodyear Eagle NCT5 (91) 75% 61% 68% 61% 78% 69%
Wanli S1063 (79) 75% 59% 63% 61% 77% 65%
Goodyear EfficientGrip (135) 77% 68% 62% 60% 70% 70%
Bridgestone Turanza ER300 RFT (11) 66% 57% 67% 67% 70% 65%
Achilles ATR Sport 2 (42) 72% 45% 62% 63% 73% 66%
Laufenn I FIT (6) 67% 30% 43% 52% 78% 85%
Autogrip P308 (25) 68% 54% 58% 51% 62% 63%
Maxtrek MAXIMUS M1 (62) 69% 40% 56% 54% 67% 62%
Accelera Alpha (128) 65% 44% 53% 49% 69% 57%
Radar Dimax R8 (33) 63% 47% 48% 48% 65% 55%
Hifly HF201 (28) 60% 46% 53% 47% 53% 62%
Hankook Ventus K104 (11) 68% 42% 50% 44% 55% 61%
Bridgestone Potenza RE050A Run Flat (141) 71% 54% 55% 49% 56% 32%
Autogrip F107 (127) 58% 27% 44% 36% 60% 50%
Fullrun HP199 (78) 48% 28% 32% 33% 54% 27%

BMW 320i Tyre Review Highlights

Writing about the Hankook Ventus S1 evo 3 given 43% (225-45-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 8000 spirited miles
Performance wise it is a good tire, BUT.... This tires come as OEM on my BMW 3 series. Less than 10k km, the inner steel wires protruded at the sidewall, like an inch long of 10-20 wires. Went to Hankook to lodge a complaint and apparently they were 4 other BMWs came with issues. Hankook insisted its not factory defect but normal wear and tear. I rest my case. My first and last using Hankook.
tyre reviewed on 2022-12-01 09:30:33
Writing about the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 given 87% (225-40-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 24000 average miles
Having bought a used e90 318i 2011 in 2019 with 90k on the clock for a bargain, it had 4 separate brand of tyres including one winter.

I had just sold a 640d couple that I had put MPS4S’s on all around and due to the difference these made to that car I knew I wanted the MPS4’s for this, having only be available in 18” staggered setup.

The previous mixed tyres would often cause genuine unpredictable driving at bends on motorway junctions and to me felt off.

The freshly installed Michelins were a huge improvement, the car had low power yet was lightweight. In the dry it would never wheelspin and even in the wet it was very rare even if I tried (as a test).

I drove up around the highlands on the route 500 (ended up doing 2k miles in 10 days).. and the tyres performed perfectly, genuine high grip inspiring confidence yet still comfortable and limit road noise.

The new tyres helped make this drivers trip a genuine pleasure and even my partner praised her driving skills on the amazing roads with the new tyres.

Really good tyre and I managed a full set for £409 with an offer back in Feb 2020.

They have done 24k miles (mainly motorway) and the rears are just on 3mm) the fronts have slightly more. They will be replaced now only as having moved to Scotland and gone for a set of winter tyres with the hilly nature of Glasgow and possible lower temperatures/snow when we venture out.

I genuinely look forward to buying the newer MPS5’s as reviews show they are a slight improvement to the 4.

tyre reviewed on 2022-10-17 08:30:38
Writing about the Petlas Snow Master W651 given 71% (225-50-17-)
Driving on mostly town for 10000 average miles
I never considered buying Petlas on my F30 320i. I got the tires when I bought the car. My Tyre shop had a guy who worked at the factory for about 10 years. He said that "their winter tires are much better than summer tires due to competition". Than I have a shot. I live in Ankara where there are fierce snow later it turns to ice if it is cleared fast or it is usually below zero for most of the winter during nights. When sun melted ice and roads became muddy, my car had to use ESP but never lost control. There were some side roads at METU campus, the tires never failed me on snow and maybe on mild ice. I was excepting my car to spin all the time after heavy snow. My tires were in good condition dated 2018. I was more confident on Petlas Snowmaster than on my Driverguard RFT 2019 (I changed those). If you can't decide, don't hesitate, these tires does the job.
tyre reviewed on 2022-06-18 05:58:59
Writing about the Michelin Primacy 4 Plus given 60% (205-60-16-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 1100 spirited miles
Initial review after a few days of driving with these brand new Michelin tyres for a long distance on various roads and weather. According to the tyre-dealer this is the very latest Michelin tyres, same size as the original tyres. This is not my car but I have often driven this car since it was new with two other different set of tyres from two other premium tyre brands. The original OEM tyres were Run-Flats which I did not like at all, rather mediocre tyres in every aspect. The second set of tyres were from yet another premium tyre brand, not Run-Flat tyres but the same original size, and I really liked those tyres on this car, very good comfort and noise level, very good performance in every aspect except wear which was rather mediocre. The new Michelins are significantly better than the original Run-Flat in every way, but they can not quite match the second set of tyres from another brand. The Michelins have in general a little bit more diffuse feeling and tendencies to instability on certain surfaces, I preferred the previous set of tires regarding feel, handling and stability, but it is very small differences. The comfort and noise level on the Michelins are much better than the OEM Run-Flat and about the same as the second set of tyres, I did however prefer the second set of tyres, I just liked them a little bit better. The Michelins are in general predictable and controllable in wet and dry and will probably not surprise with bad behavior although I would say that the tyres probably do not like cold rainy weather, I had a ”surprise” in a wet rainy roundabout coming home from the long drive, the temperature was ca 2-3 degrees, I was caught in this "surprising" skid and the stability systems on the car really had to work overtime, it's the only ”surprise” I had so far with these tyres, and maybe in all honesty I might have been over-optimistic in that roundabout, but I have done the same with the other tyres in the same circumstances in the same roundabout without "surprises". There is nothing particular wrong with the Michelins, not huge differences, good grip wet and dry, relatively good comfort and noise level, acceptable handling and feel, but they are not worth the extra cost, they do not exceed other tyre brands, in fact they do not quite match the previous set of tyres from 2020. I guess the joker here would be the wear rate, the other tyre brands had rather poor wear, if the Michelins have significantly better wear rate then this could probably persuade some buyers, but not for me, I prefer the best handling and feel over wear rate.
tyre reviewed on 2022-04-23 18:35:16
Writing about the Yokohama Advan Fleva V701 given 83% (225-45-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 spirited miles
Dry grip is very good. However, it is clear that the limit is reached earlier than desired when in high demand during corners. On wet roads, grip is satisfactory and does not compromise safety. Extremely comfortable and quiet. For the price it is a great value for money.
tyre reviewed on 2021-11-22 05:06:15
Writing about the Bridgestone Potenza Sport given 51% (225-45-18-)
Driving on a combination of roads for 30000 spirited miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2021-09-05 23:11:52
Writing about the Continental Premium Contact 6 given 86% (225-50-17-)
Driving on mostly motorways for 6000 spirited miles
No comments left
tyre reviewed on 2021-03-30 09:13:57
Writing about the Nokian WR Snowproof given 59% (205-60-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 2000 average miles
On snow these Tyres are terrible. All over the Internet i just hear ooo Nokian is producing great tyres, they know what they doing and so on. Ok bought the tyres because my old ones from Goodyear UG9 were old, loud and thread was gone too. I have BMW E46 and driving it very long time, over 100k km drove with it and you can say I have experince. Same snowy roads, same car and I can say there Tyres are rubbish. The Car ist maybe 50% stable from how it was before. In the corners it easily slips, wheather you drive 2km/h or 15km/h. At acceleration the back of the car ist "dancing" all the time. Stopping at snow is the same with the UG9. This was a big mistake to buy these Tyres, going back next time again to Goodyear!
tyre reviewed on 2021-01-17 12:05:42
Writing about the Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 given 87% (205-55-16-V)
Driving on mostly country roads for 5000 spirited miles
They are perfect tyres for my old BMW, on dry tarmac they behave beautifully, with lots of grip and confidence. They struggle a bit in the wet, but nothing dramatic. Wear is good, ride is good and noise is minimal
tyre reviewed on 2020-08-06 06:54:31
Writing about the Viking Snow Tech II given 67% (195-65-15-H)
Driving on a combination of roads for 10000 average miles
They behave all right when the temperatures are low and the roads are clean, they are pretty reassuring in the wet, but on ice and snow they are not ideal. They have mediocre winter capabilities and offer none of the confidence premium rubber does and are pretty much the worst winter tyres I have purchased. Ultimately, I got what I paid for, the price on them was very, very attractive. (25 pounds a corner)
tyre reviewed on 2020-07-30 09:30:11
Writing about the Continental Sport Contact 5 SSR Runflat given 69% (225-45-18-W)
Driving on for 20000 miles
I had these Conti Sport contact 5 fitted from New on 18 inch rims when I upgraded from thr stock 205/60 r16 tyres and rims my BMW F30 320i came out with. They had very good dry grip and even the occasional "hooligan" antics didn't produce any scary or unpredictable behavior. (even though the car had only 135kw and 270nm) They were comfortable on motor way or by road speeds. They were the SSR versions so ride comfort was never comparable to regular tyres. I had the occasional heavy rain stirm that's so common in Johannesburg South Africa. They handled standing water well and I never felt aquaplaning. Very smooth tarmac could produce a slight slip or slide that thr traction control caught out. But regaulr road surfaces never caused a slide. The only negative was wear rate. The rear tyres were half worn by 10000km. The fronts about a quarter worn. I roared at 10000km to place the worn CSC5s on thr front axle of the Beemer. They wear a lot but they area a soft sporty Tyre that's not marketed for longevity. I also wished that had a better rim protector as I accidentally scuffed or curbed the rims on thr offside more than a few times. I even experienced a 6 inch nail penetrate the rear left Tyre at about110kph and it lost pressure but I continued to drive at about 90kph for about 100km until I cold get it patched or plugged. I love the grip these SC5s gave but they wore out too fast on a moderately powerful 320i F30 BMW. They also had good water clearing ability and predictable behavior. Good steering response
tyre reviewed on 2020-05-12 06:51:34
Writing about the Kumho Ecsta PS31 given 96% (225-45-17-)
Driving on mostly country roads for 25000 spirited miles
fitted on my bmw e90, its really great to drive on. compared to my previous yokohama tyres, this tyre edge out in term of the wet and dry grip on the road. it also lasted much longer than my yokohama tyres.
tyre reviewed on 2020-01-15 04:37:55
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